Cinema Studies program

Cinema Studies at SCAD

Movies matter. More than just vehicles to tell stories, they provide insights about ourselves, articulate the philosophy of generations and act as social and historical artifacts. Those wanting to be conversant in 21st-century culture — academics, critics, reviewers, journalists, artists and more — need to speak the language of film. Cinema studies at SCAD teaches that language, providing students with a background in the traditions of cinema, the theories of storytelling and image making, and preparing them to thrive in a wide range of arts and entertainment careers.

The graduate program in the cinema studies department produces its own peer-reviewed scholarly journal, The Cine-Files, which gives students the opportunity to edit and publish emerging scholarship within the field.

Degree programs include an undergraduate minor in cinema studies, a Master of Arts in cinema studies, and the dual degree program that allows students to combine an M.A. in cinema studies with an M.F.A. in film and television. For more information, visit the SCAD cinema studies program page and the departmental blog.