SCAD Savannah Film Festival celebrates two decades of cinematic excellence

In 2019, SCAD Savannah Film Festival celebrates 22 years of film. Students, movie fans, and more have rubbed shoulders with some of Hollywood's most acclaimed stars, industry insiders and the creative professionals who bring amazing stories to the big screen.

"I met so many diverse-thinking, wonderful young people, and I was really proud to be here."

— Andrea Riseborough, actor

Honored guests over the years

Sir Patrick Stewart

Legends of Cinema Award

Emily Blunt

Icon Award

Gena Rowlands

Lifetime Achievement Award

Mahershala Ali

Discovery Award

Salma Hayek Pinault

Outstanding Achievement in Cinema Award

Hugh Jackman

Legends of Cinema Award

One-on-one interviews with leaders and film stars in the filming industry

Past festival guides

"The great thing about this festival that other festivals don't have is its accessibility to people outside of the industry."

— Bill Keith, deputy editor of Entertainment Weekly

"(SCAD) is one of those deep film-loving communities as passionate about watching movies as it is about making them."

— Jason Reitman, Academy Award-nominated director

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