Love at First Sight film still
Love at First Sight film still



Saturday, Oct. 21 at 11 a.m.

Shorts Programs

Shorts Spotlight: Family Fun

85 min.
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Coming-of-Age, Family Friendly

A delightful collection of short films and animation for film lovers of all ages. 

Love at First Light

Directed by Daniela Shuping
USA, 2023, 3 min.

Southeast premiere

A firefly journeys through the forest to find a flower for her sweetheart.

Writer: Daniela Shuping
Producers: Leah Douglas, Jackie Jones


Balcony Cacophony

Directed by Quentin Haberham
The Netherlands, 2023, 5 min.

Southeast premiere

When a rich lady with a passion for topiary must swap her mansion with lush gardens for a tiny council flat, she finds it difficult to cope with her new neighbor and his strange hobbies.

Writer: Quentin Haberham
Producer: Chris Stenger



Directed by Stephanie Glover
USA, 2023, 5 min.

Georgia premiere

A practical, determined boy has a change of heart when he experiences magic.

Writer: Stephanie Glover       
Producer: Stephanie Glover


The Brave Locomotive

Directed by Andrew Chesworth
USA, 2023, 7 min.

An Old West musical tale with 1940s flair about a mighty little train facing harrowing disaster.

Writer: Andrew Chesworth
Producer: Andrew Chesworth


The Day I Became a Bird

Directed by Andrew Ruhemann
UK, 2023, 15 min.

Georgia premiere

A boy falls in love for the first time and chooses to spread his wings no matter what the cost in this film based on the book by Ingrid Chabbert and Guridi.

Producer: David Park


Fish Out of Water

Directed by Jessica Lee
USA, 2023, 3 min.

After trying to escape his role in the Mary Lake Elementary Fish Friends school play, six-year-old Emmett finds himself trapped in a paper craft fishbowl world.

Producer: Anna Lin



Directed by Anndi Jinelle Liggett
USA, 2023, 10 min.

Georgia premiere

A young, Black girl with a peculiar fascination with death tries to solve the mysterious case of a missing neighbor, all while coming to terms with a more personal disappearance.

Writer: Anndi Jinelle Liggett
Producers: Ifeyinwa Arinze, Simone Roberts, Anndi Jinelle Liggett, Frankie Li, Alyce Yang
Cast: André Holland, Khloe Bruno, Antu Yacob


Morning Joy

Directed by John Henry Hinkel
USA, 2023, 8 min.

A recently widowed pianist has an unexpected encounter.

Writer: Ethan Pakchar


Oren's Way

Directed by Keika Lee
USA, 2023, 17 min.

Georgia premiere

A clever princess must capture a magical golden fox to save her kingdom from eternal sadness. On the journey, the obstacles she conquers reveal a hidden truth about herself.

Writer: Anna Thorup
Producer: Eun Bi Chang



Directed by Mitra Shahidi
USA, 2023, 10 min.

Georgia premiere

A mischievous star spirit traveling home to Istanbul to celebrate her birthday with her family one last time must maneuver through the city after she is blown off course.

Writer: Mitra Shahidi
Producer: Jessica Heidt
Cast: Mitra Shahidi


Three Raccoons in a Trench Coat

Directed by Audrey Randazzo
USA, 2023, 3 min.

Three Raccoons in a Trench Coat is as silly and mischievous as it sounds.

Writer: Audrey Randazzo
Producer: Emma Knoell