Horrors in Plain Sight film still
Horrors in Plain Sight film still



Friday, Oct. 27 at 6:30 p.m.

After Dark

Shorts Spotlight: Horrors in Plain Sight

85 min.
Genre: BIPOC Experience, Directed by Women, Horror

Revel in this collection of darker shorts begging the question: What exactly are you afraid of?

The Buyers

Directed by Felicia Manning
USA, 2023, 8 min.

Southeast premiere

A new homeowner grows suspicious of a neighborly couple eager to help her unpack.

Writer: Samantha Wilson
Producers: Felicia Manning, Jessica Barr
Cast: Marissa Pistone, Michele Karpel, Will Roberts, Rory Manning, Christian Montes



Directed by Ryan M. Kennedy
USA, 2023, 20 min.

In the future, each U.S. citizen is endowed with the privilege to possess a singular clone of themselves. These clones exist without rights, only able to attain citizenship if granted emancipation by their human progenitors.

Writer: Ryan M. Kennedy
Producers: Atit Shah, Tyler Markham
Cast: Alex Breaux, Devika Bhise, Kiowa Gordon, Sasha Boykin, Sable Boykin


Cut Me If You Can

Directed by Nicolas Polixene and Sylvain Loubet dit Gajol
USA, 2023, 21 min.

Southeast premiere

Stuck in a horror movie loop, a hypersexualized Black character and her boyfriend, the "token black guy," decide to reject their fates and rebel against the script.

Writers: Nicolas Polixene, Sylvain Loubet dit Gajol, Jean-Jérome Loubet dit Gajol 
Cast: Djaka Souaré, Anthony Lalor, Marshall Fox, Diane Foster


Hide Your Crazy

Directed by Austin Kase
USA, 2023, 14 min.

Georgia premiere

A young man's surprise birthday dinner for his girlfriend is not met with the response he was expecting, leading to the most frightful night of their lives.

Writer: Austin Kase
Producer: Irina Slepneva
Cast: Amy-Helene Carlson, William Lawrence Toussaint


In The Heat

Directed by Sam Chou
Canada, 2023, 18 min.

When a bruised and battered man claiming to be Santa Claus is arrested for the murder of a child, the interrogating officers uncover a story more bizarre and horrific than expected.

Writer: Ellery Van Dooyewert
Producer: Courtney Wolfson
Cast: Michael Dobson, Giles Panton, Josh Peace, Ellen-Ray Hennessy



Directed by Eva Louise Hall
USA, 2023, 12 min.

Southeast premiere

A struggling accordionist gets more than she bargained for when her desire for recognition attracts the attention of a charismatic and otherworldly singer with sinister motivations.

Writer: Eva Louise Hall
Producer: Eva Louise Hall
Cast: Vanessa Severo, Jessica Paige



Directed by Anthony Misiano
USA, 2023, 11 min.

Everyone's got a back-up gig these days. As Skip's job interview starts to sink, the truth about his other occupation begins to surface.

Writer: Eric Ford-Holevinski  
Producer: Kris Maxx
Cast: Eric Ford-Holevinski, Brooke Vanderdonck, Justin Schilling, Amanda Talero


Still Up There

Directed by Joe Loftus
Ireland, 2022, 5 min.

Georgia premiere

After waking in the upper atmosphere following an unknown catastrophic event, a mortally wounded astronaut latches himself on to the only familiar thing to him: his own severed arm.