Shorts Spotlight film still
Shorts Spotlight film still



Sunday, Oct. 22 at 10 a.m.

Shorts Programs

Shorts Spotlight: A Kaleidoscope of Connections

85 min.
Genre: Comedy, Directed by Women, Drama, LGBTQIA+, Romance

A curious collection of sweet, quirky, and sometimes heartbreaking shorts encompassing the highs and lows of interpersonal relationships.

Catch Him

Directed by Leah Bleich
USA, 2023, 10 min.

World premiere

A young dad attempts to catch a guinea pig on the run in his home, inadvertently stumbling through memories in the process.

Writer: Leah Bleich
Producer: Max Berger
Cast: Harley Harrison, Christina Toth


Crarylake Boats & Floats

Directed by Spencer Thielmann and Emily Berge
USA, 2023, 10 min.

Georgia premiere

Lane hopes to wait out her shift at the hot dog stand and boat rental shop by getting high and avoiding the rain, but the arrival of a flirty late-season renter throws her plans into chaos.

Writers: Spencer Thielmann, Emily Berge     
Producer: Hannah Thielmann
Cast: Tal Chatterjee, Faith Porter, Neil Ciurpita, Grace Rivers


The Last Bell

Directed by Via Lubeck
USA, 2023, 15 min.

Georgia premiere

Teenager Dylan takes care of her grandmother Marge in home hospice care in this intimate portrait of intergenerational relationships and the complexity of end-of-life care.

Writer: Via Lubeck
Producers: Elizabeth Scully, Claire Wiles
Cast: Mia Challis, Nancy Berggren, Akiko Morison, Amanda Melby



Directed by Teddy Alvarez-Nissen
USA, 2023, 12 min.

Southeast premiere

An intellectual snail invites an audience to read a preview of his upcoming autobiography.

Writer: Teddy Alvarez-Nissen
Producer: Will Noyce
Cast: Michael J. Gonzales


Serious Play

Directed by Kate Mason and Lindsey Phillips
USA, 2023, 13 min.

Southeast premiere

Life is a nonstop hustle for juggler and comedian Payel Gupta — until a one-night stand with a mime leads to an unexpected pregnancy.

Producer: Liz Beeson
Cast: Sonal Aggarwal



Directed by Erin Brown Thomas
USA, 2023, 11 min.

Georgia premiere

Two people on a first date mask and ignore their insecurities until an event forces them to say what they are really thinking.

Writer: Olivia Haller   
Producer: Olivia Haller
Cast: Hunter Stiebel, Ciarra Krohne


Tom & Cinda

Directed by Eva Neuwirth
USA, 2023, 13 min.

World premiere

Gabe and Sophie are nervously awaiting their app-arranged dates at a bar when Sophie buys Gabe a drink, leading to a debate about love and relationships.

Writer: Eva Neuwirth
Producers: Joss Utting, Josh Tyler, Sarama Handelsman
Cast: Babe Howard, Emily James, Melina Young, George Kingston, Nicolás Blanco