Flipping Off film still
Flipping Off film still



Thursday, Oct. 26 at 9 a.m.

Shorts Programs

Student Shorts: Block A

118 min.
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Directed by Women, Documentary, Drama, Social Issues

The next generation of filmmakers and animators step into the spotlight in this collection of outstanding student work from SCAD and universities around the world.

Flipping Off

Directed by Kylie Fishman
USA, 2023, 12 min.

World premiere

Flipping Off explores the interaction of sea lions and their trainers, and how those positive connections between humans and animals play into conservation.

Producers: Kylie Fishman, Aaron Cecil Price, Abigail Dickinson, Amelie Bluestone
Cast: Candyce Paparo, Kristy Biolsi, Colleen Toussaint, Rachel Grupp
School: SCAD


Freeze Frame

Directed by Katie Smith
USA, 2023, 7 min.

World premiere

Stratton Leopold, the owner of Savannah's Leopold's Ice Cream, shares his passion and accomplishments in the film industry.

Producer: Katie Smith
School: Florida State University



Directed by Thomas Vandenbussche, Elise Petit, Ambre Grangereau, Emilie Cousin, Wan-Jing Yang, and Laure Vernier
France, 2023, 6 min.

Southeast premiere

Ten-year-old Louis' social condition forces him to descend into the heart of the coal mines alongside his father and discover the harsh reality of the work down there.

Producer: Philippe Meis
School: Supinfocom Rubika


I Am More Dangerous Dead

Directed by Majiye Uchibeke
USA/Nigeria/UK, 2023, 24 min.

Georgia premiere

The life and legacy of Ken Saro-Wiwa, a revered writer, poet, and environmental activist from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

Producer: Denzel Jenkins, Miles Lagoze
School: University of Southern California


Just Jacob

Directed by Halle Losordo
USA, 2023, 15 min.

World premiere

SCAD student Jacob Thiele navigates the challenges and triumphs of living life to the fullest with Treacher Collins Syndrome, which affects the development of facial bones and tissues.

Producer: Abigail Dickinson
Cast: Jacob Thiele
School: SCAD


Midnight Hotel

Directed by Vincent Albert, Neïl Dieu, Malo Doucet, May Taraud, and Marie Toury
France, 2023, 7 min.

One night, three strangers find themselves in a hotel of dreams. They must navigate this strange world together before dawn.

Writers: Vincent Albert, Neïl Dieu, Malo Doucet, May Taraud, Marie Toury
Producer: Cécile Blondel
Distributor: Luce Grosjean
School: Gobelins, l’école de l’image


On the Ground

Directed by C. Lucie Dupeyrat, Nathan Ygouf, Marine Sauvageot, Chirag Paul, Claire Savoye, and Jade Astoux
France, 2023, 7 min.

Southeast premiere

During her move out, Lily, a young lively and ambitious woman meets Edi, a strange homeless man, and his funny dog, Belix. Curious about them, she quickly becomes their friend.

Writer: Lucie Dupeyrat
Producer: Philippe Meis
Animator: Lucie Dupeyrat, Marine Sauvageot, Chirag Paul
School: Supinfocom Rubika



Directed by Savanna Menzel
USA, 2023, 4 min.

A town must follow a strict curfew imposed by a red mark and a mysterious force. When Claudia's little brother is marked, her whole family must suffer the consequences.

Writer: Savanna Menzel
Producer: Claire Anton
Cast: Kendahl Cooper, Avery Smithhart, Suzanne Savoy
School: SCAD


Raising Hell

Directed by Michelle Bult
USA, 2023, 3 min.

World premiere

To achieve his official demon status, Ziggy must reap the soul of a sleeping nursing home resident, but the supposedly quick murder goes awry.

Producer: Jessica Matson
Animation Lead: Nicole Matthews
School: SCAD


Samara Op. 4

Directed by Maxime Wattrelos, Jérémy Trochet, Louis Cocquet, Marie Heribel, and François Mainguet
France, 2023, 7 min.

Southeast premiere

An old automaton sculptor retraces his own life throughout the four seasons.

Producer: Carlos De Carvalho
Animators: Jérémy Trochet, Louis Cocquet, Marie Heribel, François Mainguet
School: Pôle 3D



Directed by Raphaël Chiapparin
France, 2023, 5 min.

Four famous musicians meet and play music together for the first time. Competition takes place in the quartet, leading almost everybody into deep madness.

Animation: Raphaël Chiapparin
Producer: Catherine Totems
Distributor: Luce Grosjean
School: Atelier de Sèvres


Those Who Guide Us

Directed by Mitchell Hemmer
USA, 2023, 13 min.

Southeast premiere

Mountain guides Páll, Nikol, and Bjorgvin highlight making a career out of being outside and showcase how to be a more conscious traveler and care for this beautiful planet.

Producers: Ashton Whitman, Morgan Evans
School: SCAD


When We Sleep

Directed by Alanna Johnson
USA, 2023, 3 min.

What do you dream about? As different people begin summarizing their dreams, Tauri finds their world shifting to coincide with each answer.

Producer: Christine Quezada
Art Director: Gaby Dollahite
School: SCAD


A Snake Called Perseus

Directed by Yara Elfouly
USA, 2023, 10 min.

World premiere

A snake chases after a butterfly in a post-human desert.

Writer: Yara Elfouly
Producer: Yara Elfouly
School: CalArts