Sunless film still
Sunless film still



Friday, Oct. 27 at 9 a.m.

Shorts Programs

Student Shorts: Block B

114 min.
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Directed by Women, Documentary, Drama, Social Issues

The next generation of filmmakers and animators step into the spotlight in this collection of outstanding student work from SCAD and universities around the world.


Directed by Robyn MacIntosh
Canada, 2023, 8 min.

Georgia premiere

When Bunny's attempts to live up to the legacy of her photographer father fall flat, some unexpected guidance gives her a new outlook on her work.

Producers: Serin Chun, Karen Qin
School: Sheridan College


Blood Drive

Directed by Gurinder J. Singh
USA, 2023, 13 min.

Southeast premiere

Newlyweds Jared and Ian are involved in a car accident that leaves Jared critically injured and in urgent need of a blood transfusion. Ian must confront a discriminatory law prohibiting him from donating blood and fight for his husband's right to survive.

Writer: Gurinder J. Singh
Producer: Gurinder J. Singh
Cast: Joe O'Malley, Grant Hale
School: New York Film Academy


Blue Hour

Directed by J.D. Shields
USA, 2023, 16 min.

Southeast premiere

Two personal journeys intersect when a struggling young photographer is hired for a cheap last-minute portrait gig, leaving an indelible mark on both women.

Writer: J.D. Shields
Producers: Diana Ward, Laura Avinoam, Maya Korn
Cast: Doyin Domingo, Diamond Taylor, Jabari Redd, Paulina Lule
School: American Film Institute


Close Your Eyes

Directed by Manon Bérardengo, Audrey Defonte, Léo Depoix, Denis Koessler, Clémentine Laurent, Pierre Guislain, and Chloé Boursier
France, 7 min.

Southeast premiere

A heavy secret and oblivious parents.

Writer: Manon Bérardengo
Producer: Carlos De Carvalho
Animators: Audrey Defonte, Clémentine Laurent
School: Pôle 3D



Directed by Mackenzie Rosario
USA, 2023, 11 min.

World premiere

Flynn is a queer deaf man who finds himself at a loss for words as he works up the courage to ask his new neighbor, Parker, on a date.

Writer: Mackenzie Rosario
Producer: Shiayra Ragin
Cast: Jared DeBusk, Jaideep Goray, Megan Clancy, Sydney LeFors
School: SCAD


The Fuse

Directed by Kevin Haefelin
Switzerland, 2023, 19 min.

Southeast premiere

Cassius fights to make a living as a nighttime garbage man in the concrete arena of the Bronx. After he is laid off, he sets up his final farewell, but an unexpected complication causes him seek his truth.

Writer: Kevin Haefelin
Producer: Youmi Haefelin-Roch
Cast: Jorge Gabino
School: Columbia University


Goro Goro

Directed by Ryotaro Sawada and Agatha Tiara Christa
USA, 3 min.

Georgia premiere

Baby thunder god Daigoro dreams of being as powerful as his father. Through his journey, Daigoro realizes that he can achieve his dreams in his own unique way.

Producer: Gillian McDerment
School: SCAD



Directed by Alixe Devaux, Camille Leroux, Félicia Poggi, Clémence Lacoume, Lara Brière, and Valentine Wilke
France, 2023, 6 min.

Southeast premiere

Enyo, a brave and daring warrior, is determined to bring back her dead mentor from Hell.

Producer: Philippe Meis
Writer: Alixe Devaux
Animators: Félicia Poggi, Clémence Lacoume
School: Supinfocom Rubika


The Last Dungeon

Directed by Alexandra Young and Ken Blocker
USA, 2023, 4 min.

The last loyal paladin of a fallen order returns to cleanse his temple of a necromancer's dark magic.

Producer: Laura Smith, Andrew Nelson
School: SCAD


Pink Flamingos Everywhere

Directed by Jordan Vescio
USA, 2023, 7 min.

Georgia premiere

Seven-year-old Charlie, an anxious but low-maintenance child, finds herself caught in the crossfire of a parental war zone.

Producer: Jordan Vescio, Jessica Lueck
Writer: Jordan Vescio
Cast: Lily Jane, Elaine Alexander, Daniel Di Amente
School: SCAD


Radio Silence

Directed by Colleen Busch
USA, 2023, 3 min.

World premiere

Harper believes she is the lone survivor of the apocalypse until she discovers a walkie-talkie with a voice speaking on the other end.

Producers: Colleen Busch, Georgio El Haber
Writer: Jon Deckard
Cast: Olivia Francis, Tamia Haskins
School: SCAD


Reunion Dinner

Directed by Zheng Ren
USA, 2023, 11 min.

Georgia premiere

Richard and his American girlfriend attend a Lunar New Year gathering, but tensions rise when Richard's mother reveals the true nature of his relationship and his life away from home.

Producer: Peiyao Lyu
Writer: Peiyao Lyu
Cast: Zeyuan "Zey" Zhang, Moon Eldridge, Grey Gable
School: SCAD


The Sun is Bad

Directed by Rachel Mow
USA, 2023, 3 min.

World premiere

A temperamental girl tries to destroy the sun and stop it from melting her city using toys and whatever she has.

Producer: Ivan Chui
Art Director: Laura Correal
Cast: John Webber, Marissa Tso, Ivan Chui
School: SCAD



Directed by Boris Vesselinov
USA, 2022, 8 min.

Trapped in the confines of a tiny submarine, two men attempting to set a record disagree on how to navigate a potentially serious issue with their vessel.

Producers: Myles Dement, Steven Uribe
Writer: Boris Vesselinov
Cast: Erik Scilley, Ben Holtzmuller
School: Loyola Marymount College


We All Fall

Directed by Robert Walls
USA, 2023, 4 min.

A mysterious doctor visits a plague-ridden village.

Writer: Robert Walls
School: University of the Arts